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My Doctor's Visit
Mar 11, 2007
My doctor's visit went really well. I went on March 7th and 8th. I had to drive 2 hours out of my way which was not bad at all. The drive there was very relaxing and the scenery was breathtaking. I went to see Dr. Jonathan Forester. Wow Is all I can say. This doctor is awesome! He knows a lot about Lyme and chronic fatigue. He also checked for the co-infections too. I did my blood work with him and it was sent off to the igenix lab in california. I'm still waiting for the results. In the meantime, he has me taking some vaccine neutralization injections. Anyone here ever heard of that? It's a small injection that has the flu virus in it. It is supposed to make your immune system start working right again. I'm on my second injection and haven't really noticed much of a difference yet. At least now I have hope though. It's supposed to help with the brain fog and the exhaustion. He has me on some B-12 injections too.

His whole staff was just wonderful. This is the first time I have had a doctor actually listen to me. He said that it makes him angry when doctor's just write prescriptions for antidepressants before they even know what truly is wrong with the person. He actually had Lyme and knows all about how it wrecks havoc on the body. He's got a book out too that I want to get. I go back and see him in another month.

Anyway, I feel really good about the visit and I will let you all know how my Lyme tests results come back. Thanks goes out to all of you for all of your help. Especially you Ticker!

Hugs everyone!

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