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Ticker is absolutely right. My son was 5 when we pulled the tick off him. The bite inflamed, swelled, and itched off and on for SEVEN YEARS. But because the bloodwork came back "negative", his pediatrician refused to treat him. He had chronic headaches and stomachaches for about 2 years before we finally found a Lyme doc to diagnose and treat him. He never had ANY joint pain until that 7th year into the infection.
Davino, it's important to know which lab they send the WB to. If it is Lab Corp or Q ue st, these labs send back false negatives about 95% of the time--seriously. Your doc must ask WHICH bands reacted, not just accept a negative result.

Many lab results also state at the bottom NOT to diagnose Lyme solely on the basis of the lab results, but to use clinical data as well--meaning the patient's symptoms. Many docs ignore this. Ask questions. Find out exactly what your results say. If they come back negative, find an LLMD who will test properly.

As I've said somewhere here, we pulled the tick off my son, watched the bite site inflame for YEARS, and yet the doc refused to treat him because the test came back negative. AND the test results said to diagnose clinically! She ignored all that.

My son was sick for SEVEN YEARS before we found an LLMD to treat him. We are STILL trying to get appropriate treatment for all FOUR in my family who have positive tests for Lyme and coinfections.

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