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[QUOTE=ticker;2861941]Hi Chantel. Did this doctor test you for all the co-infections and use IgeneX Lab? What meds are you taking?

I have heard that he does not treat aggressively enough, so I suggest doing some research on treatment dosages.[/QUOTE]

Yes, he tested for co-infections and also used Igenix lab in california. I had to pay $190.00 up front! LOL. I didn';t get my results back yet so I am not currently on any meds.

I'm not sure who said he doesn't treat aggresively because he does. He knows everything there is to know about Lyme. He had it himself. He is good friends with Dr. Crist(sp?) and follows his protocol. He's an awesome doctor.

[QUOTE=lizzie518;2862290]Also - The Lyme test they did on me was something they kept referring to as my lyme titers. If they are negative, does this neccessarily rule out lyme? I will get the book you recommended, but in the mean time, can you tell me what you know? I can't tell you how I appreciate your time.[/QUOTE]


I just want you to know that the doctor I saw in Pineville, Louisiana is VERY reliable. He knows everything there is to know about Lyme. He had it himself. He treats aggresively and also uses the Western Blot and Igenix lab. He is the first doctor I've ever been to that actually listend to me.


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