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I've posted this on other forums, for "undiagnosed" chronic pain, for possible fibro, etc. LOL But I've had a few people recently suggest Lyme Disease. Maybe you might look and see what you think?

(I'm 32, mom of 2 kids, ages 3 1/2 and almost 5).

It seems like the majority of my (major) problems started around 1998 or so. I noticed a throbbing, squeezing sensation in my left arm. The following summer, in '99, I was then having a sharp chest pain when I would breathe in, and then a traveling pain of sorts in my left arm. (Sometimes the sensations of pins & needles). It wasn't all the time, and not always severe. But I did go to the ER because it did hurt bad enough at one point. Chest xrays, EKG's, all showed nothing abnormal. I was told by a doctor in the ER that at some point, it might be a good idea to get a cardiac echo, but that has yet to be done.

November of 2000, I woke up with severe pain in my left arm. For quite some time, I was unable to use this arm w/out pain. It was very weak- I couldn't lift anything, I could not raise my arm to wash my hair, etc. (I did not go to the doctor)

August of 2001, I was still experiencing chest pains, and this issue with my left arm. I was tested for carpal tunnel, didn't have it. More EKG's, chest xrays, but all normal. (about this time, I became pregnant with my first child, and did not start to see a doctor about any of my issues again til last year).

Aug '01-April '02- first pregnancy, circular rash on back of left thigh. Red, raised. Dry in center. Did not itch. Dr suspected ring worm, but I am sure I was not exposed to it. (Have had this show up in same spot years prior - 1992), then disappear suddenly). Other rashes/patches on chest and abdomen during pregnancy.

Post Sept '03- after second pregnancy, intense sciatic nerve pains down right buttock, thigh. Pains down sides of legs, when I sleep on opposite side. Frequent diarrhea (at least once a weak, very intense, with serious nausea).

Sept '04, big toe on right foot felt partially numb (has remained this way ever since). I also feel pins and needles sensation there. I did have an EMG/nerve conduction test, was told I have healthy nerves!

2006, intense leg cramps begin, mostly in left leg (sometimes in calf, mostly in outer thigh). Also, had pains in my breasts. Had a breast sonogram, as well as mammogram & follow-up, only showed small spot in one breast declared to be my normal "tissue".


Some of my other problems:
sometimes burning skin/pins & needles in various parts of body (upper back of thigh or on left shoulder blade), frequent headaches (especially in hot weather, or when exposed to sunlight), overactive bladder, stabbing pains in lower back. My knees creak. cramping in hands, shooting pains in groin area, etc.


With regard to possible Lyme Disease, I know for a fact I was bit by a tick in the summer of 1986, in York County Pennsylvania.. which I found out yesterday is (at least now considered) a hot spot in in that state for LD. (At some time around '86-87, the lymph node under my left arm swelled up really bad, and hurt. I never saw a doctor. I was 12 or so at the time). Also, from 1996-1998, I attended a university in a nothern Californian county, which was also a hot spot for LD. I do not recall being bitten there, though. But that is about the time my arm pains started.


I am seeing a Neurologist, and have had an MRI. Been tested for Celiac Disease, MS (which my mother has), Lupus, and probably a few other things. All tests are negative/normal. In fact, the dr doesn't even think I have Fibromyalgia (which several cousins have been diagnosed with). My son's Geneticist even suggested I be tested for Fabry Disease.

I'm currently taking meds for the pain (Topamax). I'm also muscle relaxers for the muscle cramping in my leg- however, they're not working at all. In fact, it almost seems like my muscle cramps (if that's indeed what I'm having) are more frequent.

So.. any thoughts? :p

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