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I have posted in many sites and several replies have been to get checked for Lyme. I'm so frustrated at this point I don't want to go to another doctor & just live with it. But it makes things hard for my family, not just me, and so then I feel I should try to do something about it. I'm 34 with 2 kids & I don't ever want to go anywhere fun because of how I feel and it breaks my heart. Here's what's going on:

1. fatigue - my worst symptom
2. swollen glands
3. low-grade fever (my temp runs about 97.5-97.9 normally and last week it hit 100 and stayed in the 99's for 6 days.)
4. 9 years ago had spinal myoclonus diagnosed at mayo clinic - this is jerking of my trunk that would make my head and shoulders jerk forward really hard, doesn't happen much now.
5. Muscles have been cramping in my abdomen and now the muscles on my right rib cage area feel constantly tight.
6. Have lost some weight even though I eat like a horse - 5'8'' and 121 pounds currently.
7. Sometimes so cold when I lay down at night will wear 2 sweatshirts and have 5 blankets on me while my husband lays there in a t-shirt. Then I wake up drenched with sweat & chilled in the middle of the night.
8. Toenails turn blue if I'm even a little cold
9. Chest pain
10. Body is stiff & sore when I get up somedays and my feet ache & my knee hurts sometimes (I always thought this was from all the years of competing in track in college, but now I'm wondering)
11. Eyes are dry and I drink water constantly. Will get up in the night and drink a 32 ounce glass and have to drink as soon as I get up in the morning, hence I spend large amounts of time in the bathroom :p

I could probably go on but I don't know what's relevant and what isn't. I'm so sick of feeling bad I could scream. I have a wonderful life and can only enjoy it a small percentage of the time because the rest of the time I am struggling to get necessary things taken care of.

I had a severe unexplained illness when I was 21 where my temp got over 105 and my family thought I was going to die. I lost 15 pounds in a couple of weeks and was never the same since. I also had mono twice - once at 11 and once at 19.

Sorry this is a book. I'm just frustrated and fed-up this morning and don't know who to turn to.


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