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[QUOTE=Psalm30;2***155]Hi Bill S:

How long ago were you diagnosed with Lyme? How long have you been under Dr. Mozayeni's care? How long did it take you to feel better?.... Sorry, for asking so many questions... Would you care to share any info. about your recovery? I'll be grateful! Thanks![/QUOTE]

Had Lymes since May 2004. I was not diagnosed until Aug 2004. I was treated twice with Doxycycline 200mg for 21 days, and Flagyl with little effect. Basically lingered, get better for a little while, relapse many times. I lost much time off of work, basically I worked when I felt well enough to, then lost my job. I lost at least 1.5 years work out of nearly 3 years of having Lymes.

I've seen Dr M since late October 2006. We didn't really get treatment started til late December, because of what were possible drug reactions (first to Doxycycline, then Minocycline) - they turned out to be probably NOT drug reactions. He put me on Benicar and had me on no antibiotics from Nov to late Dec to allow my immune system to calm down.

He put me on Cefzil, and later added Tindamax, both of which have really worked well. He also had me on Vit-D3 supplementation, Fish oil, "Fungal Defense" - to help keep yeast under control, Acidophilus supplements, and recently Boswellia Complex (an Indian herb complex that helps with inflammation).

Right before I saw Dr M I was at about 85-90% of normal, but then had the possible drug reaction to Doxycycline a few days before seeing him for the first time. I was off abx for about 1.5 months, and was really backsliding. I felt at about 75% then before he started me on the Cefzil. I am now at about 95+%; nearly symptom free (have some mild symtoms sporatically still).

I started to fell significantly better after about 1.5 months of antibiotics plus the other stuff. It's been a slow gradual improvement. I still get some shoulder pain, and some cramping in my upper abdomen, but otherwise mostly okay. I still have some weird rashes on my body that Dr Jemsek says he's seen on some patients; the are supposed to generally go away eventually. I sure hope so.

I recommend Dr M with no reservations. He's given me my life back, and I hope things continue to improve, hopefully resulting in a cure (though that is very hard to actually prove).

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