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Hi. i finnaly feel like im gettin somewhere with this horrible feeling ive had for almost a year now. I got 2 of the 3 tests back from igenex, not sure which was which, because i spoke to the secretary and she wanted me to wait for the doctor, BUT... what i did get out of it was 1 negative result, but 1 positive for an OLDER INFECTION she said.. My mom and I were confused by this interpretation, and the secreatry didnt have many answers. SO i figured i turn to you geniuses out here for some input. By older infection what do they mean, I have been feelin this way for about a year now, so would last june classify and older infection?. We didnt get the results of the most important test, 2 more days, which was IGN or something like that but the secretary did confirm a positive for an older infection, Any thoughts???
If I remember correctly, the IgM indicates whether or not the infection is recent/early stage. The IgG indicates late stage or "old" infection. (I could have those backwards, though.)

Anyway, if you have certain bands positive/reactive on the IgM, that would indicate recent infection. If you have certain bands reactive on the IgG, that would mean you've had the infection for a while. You can have reactive bands on both tests, too.

There's more to it than that, but that's the simplest explanation. You will want to get a copy of the results so you can see which bands reacted. Also, look in the sticky thread above for what the bands indicate.
Im still waiting for the results of the more important test to see if i have a current infection, but my question is. By having a positive for an old infection, would that be enough to start antibiotics, possible IV. Dr. Eiras thought i was chronic lyme, and this one positive confirms an old infection, but what happens if the more important test comes back negative. does that mean insurance wont cover lyme treatment. Also i have a spinal tap scheduled for april 3rd, and i would like to avoid that but gettin a positive result back from these tests, but why isnt the "old infection" test enough to acknowledge that this is what it is and it needs treatment?
I don't know why the one test would not be enough. Since Lyme is incurable, an "old" infection simply means that you've had it a while, NOT that you HAD it and are cured or over it. I'm sure the doc knows that, so I'm confused as to why this other test is "more important".

Also, the spinal tap, if it's being done to test for Lyme, is practically useless. It's not particularly accurate, so the positive you have from the other test means a whole lot more.

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