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Yes, I had pins and needles while on doxy. I also had sensations like cold water was being thrown on my arms and hands. For me, it was a side effect of the doxy. It stopped when I switched meds.

Be careful of the sun when on doxy, you will burn easily even with sunscreen on. Also do not drink milk or take calcium or magnesium at the same time that you take doxy as the minerals may bind to it and make it less effective. Also, do not lie down within half an hour of taking doxy because it could burn your esophagus if you do. This is extremely painful when it happens.
Pins and needles feeling has almost completely gone away from me. Seem to be recovering from what ever it was. Went from numbness to pins and needles to just a little pain in the legs. The last stage of the pins was about 2 weeks ago. No pins unless I 'thupmed' on my legs or someone 'thumped' on my spine then I could feel it cascade thru my body. Not really painful and I did not feel it was getting worse (I was not frightened). Anyway that slowly faded and now if I can just get over the leg pain I will feel back to normal.

Oh and now I must get fit again as with all the symptoms I have spent a lot of time in bed and I suspect that it is possible the leg pain is from that. (They still feel week).

One of the things that made me feel I was getting better was that I could feel hot water on my legs. For many months I could not really tell if bath water running on my legs was hot or cold. Cold did make my legs hurt and hot did eventually make my legs uncomfortable but the skin could not tell the difference. (hands and body could tell). That came back about a month or two ago.

Thanks for all the input and I will keep posting from time to time and ket all know my progress.


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