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This is an interesting topic and one that I struggle with also. It has [I]almost[/I] become the most troublesome of my symptoms and I have neurologic lyme (what does that say about MY priorities :) )

My thyroid leves are all in the normal range except my TSH which without treatment is in the 3.0 range. This is even considered normal except for Dr's who understand sub-clinical hypothyroidism. Normal should be closer to 1.0.

We are trying to get my TSH to around .5- both my Dr's who are helping me with this - My LLMD and my PCP want my TSH at the low end of normal. Here is the kicker- I can' get it there. The lowest I can get is .9. I am on .37 mcg of Synthroid. I tried Armour -just a 1/4 grain and had anxiety and nightmares, we went back to synthroid and added Iodoral which is supposed to help stimulate your own thyroid. My TSH actually went back up to 2.7.

This has been the way it has been for almost a year. I treat, it goes down, then goes back up. I up my dose of thyroid meds and get side effects from that.

Now my LLMD thinks that my body is [I]purposely[/I] suppressing my thyroid because it knows that it is sick and is trying to conserve energy. She said that with proper lyme treatment the thyroid function does come back and can come back very quickly sometimes.

Good luck to you all on this one, it is a tough struggle. I recommend finding a Dr who knows about subclinical thyroid disease- meaning your tests are within the normal range, but you have many symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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