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Lizzie, how ya, doing? I'm glad that you got your samples sent off, I know that it's gonna seem like a long three weeks but hang in there! As for the herxing, that really depends on your body. I started having the shaking, it was like uncontrollable body twitches 3 days after starting ABx's and so did my son, we hadn't had these before, and I noticed with my son that we were on the plane coming back from Ct and I accidentally put his ABX's in the checked bag and he usually took them at 5pm about 6pm he started having those twitches really bad. I know bad mother! I felt really horrible! I don't know if other people have had this happen, just make sure that you take your ABX's the same time everyday and try not to miss any doses. I had worse body aches and shoulder pain, which the LLMD told me was a good sign that the ABX's were attacking the Lyme. It doesn't feel like a good sign but I guess it is. My son was first put on Ceftin only until we could get to the LLMD and he had diarrhea 4 to 5 times a day for the first week, so be aware that this may happen, and it was sudden got to go now diarrhea, not holding it. Once the LLMD took him off the Ceftin and he started Biaxin, Plaquenil and Minocycline he hasn't had diarrhea. I never got the diarrhea, but I have IBS and take Zelnorm, so I guess that helped me. Also, if the doc didn't mention it eat lots of yougart, but eat it at least an hour after you take Ceftin and get some PB8 probiotics, unfortunately the Ceftin kills off the good bacteria in your intestines and you will end up with yeast over growth in intestines and vagina. That new Activia sems to help real well and you can drink it in one gulp, if you're in a hurry, but most definately take probiotics. You can ask your LLMD to give you a prescription for Diflucan to keep just in case you feel a yeast infection coming on. Walmart has it for $4.00 per pill, It usually runs close to $30.00 per pill at other pharmacies. I haven't had a chance to get ahold of Angie yet about the support group. I have an appt. to go to, but I will e-mail her later this afternoon and ask for info. Hang on, and keep in touch, Sarah

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