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Apr 4, 2007
Hi Weavor. There are many antibiotics, both oral and IV, that can be presribed for Lyme disease. Which is chosen depends on many factors such as how long you have been sick, the type of symptoms you have, if you have co-infections, other health issues that are present etc.

Oral antibiotics are often prescribed first because they can be effective, they are less expenisve, are easier to administer, and are less risky.

It can seem overwhelming to infuse IV antibiotics, but it really is very easy. A nurse will usually show you how to do the infusions until you are comfortable doing it yourself. It does not take long to learn.

With a PICC line, it is very important to keep the site clean and dry at all times. An infection in the line can be deadly. You have to use common sense, but your normal activities should not be affected much. You may have to make minor adustments in your workout, but you can still exercise.

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