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I'm not sure exactly what came back, but did the Western Blot through Igenex. It showed questionable bands. I did two months of pulse therapy which is two antibiotics 2/3 times a day 3 days a week. That was the first month. The second month went to 5 times a week with the addition of Flagyl for a week. I'm not sure that was strong enough since it wasn't everyday. That was the only test I had done, except for a sinus scan, chest ct scan, and ferratin and cortisol checked. I couldn't afford the secondary infection blood tests then. He is good, but I saw his NP. I really liked her and valued her opinion. Since I've went the last time, he had to get rid of all of his NP's but one. I am probably going back to see him again soon. Right now I'm awaiting the spinal tap to rule out benign intracranial pressure, and a few other things. Then I'm going back to him if it's negative. My son has always struggled in school. Even before the bite. He's a very slow learner, and has a very short attention span. He's very immature for his age. So it may just be ADHD.

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