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[QUOTE=lorifan;2900218]My nephew is having tremors, headache, neck pain and sore knees. His MRI came back abnormal with the possiblity of MS or a couple of other things, or Lyme Disease. He was bitten by a tick while deer hunting 8 years ago. The Drs. have told my sister they are "90% sure it is MS". I am worried that it may be Lyme and he will not get proper treatment. Does anyone out there have a reference for a Lyme specialist in the SW Washington or Northern Oregon area? Any input will be greatly appreciated. thank-you![/QUOTE]

There is an LLMD at the Family Health Center in Longview WA. His name is Dr. Conway. I don't know if he is still seeing Lyme patients or not, but it is worth a try. I am originally from Wa St. born in the Tri-Cities. I live in Texas now, but am not sure whether my son and I contracted Lyme from Wa. or Texas, we travel back and forth quite often. How old is your nephew, I'm asking because there is only one Pediatric Lyme doc in the country, Dr. Charles Ray Jones, he is in CT, but if your nephew is a teenager he should be able to be seen by regular LLMD (Lyme Literate MD). I hope that DR. Conway is still treating Lyme and that he can be of some help to you. Insist that your nephew be tested initially for Lyme by Igenex Labs in Palo Alto Ca. I definately would persue the Lyme before accepting an MS diag since he has a history of a tick bite. Don't let other doc's tell you there is no Lyme in
Wa. St. my moom's dentist and his kids were diag. with it, they live on Whidbey Island, where my parents are and where I found the embedded tick in my leg several days after hiking on the Island. Good luck, Sarah

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