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Apr 7, 2007
hello my friends!! i am so sorry i havent been around, i have been without computer for a while,than doing lots of things, but i always think a lot about you, today after a long time i start checking out all of you, i see new peolple, thats really good, how are you jojo, 6blues, pearscale, and all of you_! well, i am better in some things, some other thing bothering, i am not being treated for lyme for a while, i was diagnose lupus, so i couldnt be treated for both, so my internist suggested to get treted for lupus, but honestly i am just taking my aspirin and plaquenil, i dont need to take corticoides thanks got, but i do need to take inmunosppresors wich i decline because i think ir more harmfull that the disease pains are much better, i am not that tired, but i still have the electricity in my whole body wich most of the time i have vertigo, but i try not to think about it, just get use to it because otherwise i will drive crazy... i have read all the post, thre are soo many will take some tme to catch with all, but i can saw the one from marsha, i am so sorry you are suffering, i see you tested positive in Ana, me too, the ana test 70 percent of positives ana are lupus, and 20 percent another inmunno diseases, also can give you positive if you have timoma, which you dont have. i will recommed you see a reumathologist, i have research a while ago that lyme and lupus are very simmilar, they are very related, and sometimes people with lupus test positive for lyme as some peolple with lyme test positive for lupus, is really confusing, thats whay you need to make sure you see a really good reumathologist, i saw 3 in peru, 2 said lupus and one said vaculitis churg strauss which is a really really bad disease, but i sent all my paper work to this awesome reumatologist in alabama, one of the best in the us, doctor alarcon and she said was not vasculitis, so that gave me peace of mind.. now i am having big ginecoloy problems with my period but will see a doctor on monday.. hope everything is fine,i have had like 7 ANA test in the last year and a half and just tested positive in one, like lyme..also i have antiphospholpidus syndrome, dont know how to spell that one, which was also a good indicator of lupus, usually people wit lupus have that one, maybe you should get tested for that one, but dont worry, i am sure one you see the reumathologist you will have a much better idea of what is going on, i am happy you are feeling better and your tremors have stop. how are you feeling jojo?thanks for thinking about me! 6 blues? and the rest? how is jules? debbie? frango? fotomon? schao?sleeperwaken? messmal? earle?ticker, eclipse? denisse? gerribear? roman? battling on? betterdaysforme? etc etc, all of you and of course, i want to welcome all the new people.. i hope i hear from you guys, specially from all the peolple that like me, havent post for a while... big hug to all of you!! and hope everybody is feeling better and wish you all a very nice weekend!
hugs and more hugs!
Re: Hello!!!
Apr 9, 2007
hi guys!!! marsha, hope you are having a better day! and hope you have put together all your papers you need to see the neuro and hope this time comes with an answer!! answers is what we need!! but i have the feeling that very soon you will get some!i wlill be praying for you from prompt answers and relief!!!! hi 6 blues! sorry you are not feelng to well, i havent catch up with all the threads yet,how is your treatment going? any better days?? i send you all my prayers.. jojo!!i am soo happy you are feeling better, that is awesome, i think aventyally we all are going to get better, we just need to keep trying all this different tretments until one works, an eventually is one!! soo happy for you! weel, doctors says is luus, i am not too convince honestly.. but what can i do, just be patiente and keeo trying what makes me feel better, but i see no difference with or without lyme treatment, since i stop it, i am not worse.. about the same but i am a little less tired, less anxious, muscle pains and joints almost gone, once in a while a little, but much better.. some things are still the same, but at least i feel a little better than keep geting better!!! and you will!!! how come you hava a ana tst positive? what else was positive? lebnlin,nice meeting you!!sorry you are not feeling good and that plaquenil was bad for you, i am lucky because i feel no side efects at all from plaquenil, just the awful taste it leaves in your mouth, did it make you sick? how? have you tried aralen? that the first one the doctor gave me, from the same family of plaquenil, and that made me feel awfull! so after 2 days i stop taking it, and went for plaquenil.. and is funny, because some people say aralen is better, no side effects, but for me was terrible, i had weird vision since the beggining! so i switch to plaquenil since october, and so far no side effects.. maybe you could try aralen..hope to hear soon from you guys and wish to all of you a great night, you all are always in my prayers and i think about all of you always, hugs!!

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