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Well...I think Dr. M's consulted Burrascano a few times about specific my neuro symptoms were kind of odd. IE: Doxy giving me the back rash like I was on steroids, the Candida imitating LD neuro symptoms, every B vitamin numeric showing up as barely noticeable. He's very open to courses of action as no two people react to treatment the same way. My wife had a severe mental breakdown, depression, knee crackles and odd heartbeats for years. On a hunch he tested her and whaddaya know...LD. Now it's quite odd that we both have it as the only time we would be exposed to ticks at the same time was either here at home cuz our cats like to go outdoors or while we went camping as a family a few times. None of us noticed any tick bites. On the other hand i've been bitten so many times i can't count while i was a kid growing up in upstate NY and in TX. I've pulled those buggers off. This was in my teens at a time where LD wasn't even known to the general public so i went ahead as if nothing had happenned. They seem to think i've had it at least 15years and it just broke the door down to my immune system after a night of partying. I am a musician after all!! LOL. My wife on the other hand is the grounding factor at home so i'm a bit flabbergasted. If you ask me....I've got a hunch that it's passable through either mosquito bites(after all if it bites a racoon or dog with lyme it now has those buggers in it's system) or quite possibly sexual contact. I mean if it can penetrate your blood barrier and be passed through breast milk..... Wouldn't you think it could be passed along in other manners? Now i don't want to start anything cuz I'll be thought of as nuts...but you really never know. She's been on Probenicid/Amoxy abx and that improved her dramatically. She had a candida bout and was put on Diflucan but this raised her liver enzymes so she had to back off of everything for a few weeks. She's been in bad shape since. I on the other hand have been making great strides except for occasional brain film(the entire fog is gone but there's just that haze that i can't really explain) and the occasional stocking feeling in my hands once in a while. I did a no no and had a few espressos this week with enough sugar to give a elephant a heart attack and BAM here comes the numbness in my fingers. I really believe a good part to recovery is your diet. Your immune system I guess needs all the ammo it can use and really can't fight lyme if it's fighting on several different fronts. My mycoplasma pneumoniae co-infection didn't help either lol.
I don't think he's into treating radically. He really doesn't want to put me on Rocephin...I think it's due to the sludging and pic line. He uses nutrition and abx combos. First thing i guess he does is get your immune system up to par with supplements and tries to fix the vitamin/mineral deficiency. Also does the heavy metal tests to see if lead and mercury are also a factor. At the same time he's hitting you with abx's. I'm at about 90% of what i used to be on a good day and on a bad maybe 80%. This coming from someone who couldn't walk one block to the convenience store.....couldn't think...all i would do is lay down and complain that i didn't feel good. I felt like an invalid...and this took it's toll on my family. The doctor before tried but as i said in another post had his hands tied behind his back. Dr M. has suggested that if this combo stops working then he will agressively treat with injectable penicillin b. We are holding out though as that's a pretty agressive treatment. Once you go there you're pretty much a step away from nothing working BUT an iv. This new regimen might be working well though....biaxin/omnicef 30 the biaxin and then on Omnicef/diflucan for 30. Sort of like pulsing on a monthly basis. I think we fell into that by mistake because of my susceptibility to Candida overgrowth. From what i understand diflucan also shows the ability to kill the spirochettes when they cyst up. It's weird now....I used to moan and feel down but a funny thing was told to me before I saw Dr. M by a GP. He said if you ONLY have could be dead instead! Harsh words..but they make my life easier on a day to day basis. I'm just glad to be here and if i can gather some kind of control over this LD then i'm happy. I recommend Dr. M to anyone in the NYC Metro area. Just note that what works for one might not work for another but at least he gives you a shot at beating this thing which is more than i can say for most docs...LLMD or not.

take care and bless you all

btw: He does the full work up. From the Mycoplasma's and other co-infections. Also does a mineral/vitamin work up to see how/where/what your body is doing. This is what was the big clue when the standardized blood tests came back negative on lyme. My b and d were almost non existent...that's when the Igenex was ordered...and BAM positive. The heavy metals test was done with dmsa. Then heavy chelation afterwards as i had a high mercury level. Coulda been all that sushi i was eating! LOL

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