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Symptoms lyme?
Apr 16, 2007

I made an appointment with a LLMD for Wed in FL. I'm so desperate at this point in my life and the past few days I've been getting progressively worse. I dont' know if Im going in the right direction, however, after numerous tests and MANY DR's and ER visits I'm done. I have a lot of symptoms over the past 10 years slowly come about. I cannot live without any answers. Can any of you relate to these? I know I'm forgetting some but these are the main ones.

Ive been getting heart fluttering/palpitations
constant dizziness (worst of all)
fluid when I put finger in ear/ears block
ringing in ears
humming in ears
pressure in head
anxiety (cased by symptoms)
Highly irritated by noises like beeping/boyfriend sneezing
sore neck
sore lower back
knee pain
wrist pain
vision problems (blurry, see colors, floaters/strings)
hair loss in front of head and back (bottom both sides)
feel like Im losing my mind sometimes (lost)
no energy/fatigue (could sleep all day)
feeling of Impending Doom
stop in mid sentence, forgot what I was saying.
get lost easily (disoriented)
had swollen lymph node on back of head
feel fluey a lot

***Today I feel like I have a 20 lb bowling ball on my head and someone is standing on my shoulders******

****so far have been diagnosed with Meneires, Panic attacks, and arthritis****

I have no clue about LLMD. I'm taking a 3.5 hr drive and hopefully this will be the end of my 10 year battle of this horrible affliction.

Any words of advice?

Thanks for listening,

alone in FL

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