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[COLOR="Plum"][SIZE="4"]Hello TSmith![/SIZE][/COLOR]

[U][B]I know how you feel[/B][/U]. It is really scary when you're young to have so many things going wrong with you all at once. I was 25, now I'm 30 and I have similar symptoms ever since. I have finally thrown in the towel so to speak. I called a Lyme DR in FL and am going tomorrow. I'm over it, I cannot live life feeling this way. The [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][SIZE="5"]dizziness[/SIZE],[SIZE="5"]muscle [/COLOR][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]aches[/SIZE], and [SIZE="5"]tiredness[/SIZE][/COLOR] is really what affects me the most (am dizzy 24/7) and then there's the aggrevation of not knowing what is going on so frequently I cry (lately). Hang in there with me, we'll make it through this. We WILL get our life back ;) [COLOR="Orange"][SIZE="3"][SIZE="1"][SIZE="7"][COLOR="Orange"][SIZE="4"]-----[COLOR="Orange"]ALL OF US!!!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I've been diagnosed with the following:
Meneires Disease
Anxiety/Panic Disorder

I'm praying:angel: for everyone here to get the strength that they need to live a happy life,

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