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Re: Sarah92202
Apr 27, 2007
[QUOTE=mome22;2949153]So Its not just us that have problems with homebound. Her homebound teacher is great. She actually teaches Math in a different high school than my daughter but she is one credit away from English and doesnt want to get it because she loves math. She seems to be great at every subject. She was explaining some science to my daughter.
We just got back from picking up some of her old labs. They are interesting. In January this year her thyroid antibodies were high along with Albumin. T3- TSH in normal limits. Her Epstein barr virus (IGM AB) normal, But EBV (IGG AB) high and EBV(EBNA, IGG) high also. Urinalysis trace of Ketones. She had active mono in 4/06 and I think the other was 04 or 05.
Im really hoping Dr Cichon will figure this out. I really dont know what it is but it will be a little easier when we know what we are dealing with and what we can do for her.

Thanks again[/QUOTE]

You really "cant" get mono more than once. But supposedly, "I have had it twice". I STILL do have high EBV and other viral markers, and its really commion in Lyme that your viral markers (and every other blood marker, for that matter) go "out of check". I have a low white count, low red count (from Babesiosis), I have high liver enzymes, High Hemoglobin...etc...I test positive for Parvo, and EBV...but now negative on the Mono Spot (so no active mono).

It will be interesting to see her full work up, LLMDs do extensive work ups (Good LLMDs anyway) Looking for a lot of things. The next route will be (even if she may have Lyme, many LLMDs reccommend this to either "survey damage" or rule out other contributing causes. is seeing a Rheumatologist, Immunologist, Neurologist, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterologist...etc....all of them...letting them "run their tests" and seeing what comes from that too in addition to the lyme testing.

I hope you get the answers your looking for ! Your daughter deserves it!

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