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*Lyme :p Disease is very complicated to diagnose because:

1. Lyme bacteria are not always detectable in the whole blood, even in active disease. The bacteria like to hide.
2. Every patient responds differently to an infection.
3. Antibodies may only be present for a short time.

There are many different ways to interpret a Western Blot I have found out by seeing many different doctors...however basically:

"Positive" means that certain antibodies to B. burgdorferi are present. If your body is making antibiodies to Lyme, you have Lyme.

IgM are the first antibodies to appear after the infection...they can stay positive for a year....or they can stay positive for many years in a PERSISTENT infection (I have been infected for 8 years and still have positive IgM). Also a relapse can make your IgM become positive again, as the Spirochetes re-emerge from their cystic form.

IgG are what occur after IgM. IgG is still significant and can also mean active infection if the infection wasnt treated the first time.

The CDC criteria for a positive western blot is:

* For IgM, 2 of the following three bands: OspC (22-25), 39 and 41.

* For IgG, 5 of the following ten bands: 18, OspC (22-25), 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66 and 93.

TICK SPECIALTY LABS--test for all bands..and they diagnose Lyme more "Liberally"---for example..there are SIX LYME SPECIFIC bands. If you have 2 of those bands..Igenex will call your test a postitive. They will also call your test a positive if ANY 5 bands are positive, Lyme specific bands or not.---This is a more accurate diagnostic method. :)

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