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[QUOTE=Chantel2003;2969513]Hugs Sarah:)

I have been doing okay. I've been really tired again and my legs have been bad. My arms hurt too but not as bad as my legs. I think it has something to do with my thyroid for sure now. My daughter is graduating from HS next week so I will have to scheduale an apt with an endo after all of that is finished. I've just been so busy lately and it's hard trying to do all of this and work around being sick and tired. I slept all day yesterday.

Oh! I didn't know that mobic was actually vioxx and celebrex. Hmmmm, I would call back and ask about that. Maybe it has something different in it? It's scary that he is taking it knowing all of that but at the same time, it's helping him. I wouldn't know what to do. I wouldn definitely call the doctor and talk to him though.

No, synthroid doesn't smell bad at all. In fact, I don't think it smells at all. But, you will have to ask your endo why he put you on Armour because Armour has T3 and T4 in it and synthroid doesn't. He may have put you on it for a reason.

I sure hope you and your son get better soon. This disease is such a hard one to treat. I hate to see people suffer with this, especially children:(

Edited to ask you something about adrenal fatigue. My internist thought I had this a few months ago just by my symptoms but never did a test. My first question is who should I see to get this test done? My second question is what are you taking for this besides Pregnenolone? Are you on steroids? I'd hate to even go there if I do have this. Also, what test did you take that said you had this for sure? I read that you could do a saliva test, 24 urine test. Ack! This is all so confusing. The funny thing is that I do have many of the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion. Also, the nurse that I was seeing for my supplements had me on Pregnenolone(DHEA) and Adrenal Glandulars a few months ago but I decided to get off of them. Oh man! Sorry for all the questions but this has got me very interested now. I'm wondering if that is where all of my exhaustion is coming from.

Hugs hun,

Chantel, glad to hear from you!:wave: Congratulations on your daughters graduation, that is exciting but scary too!
I see an Endocronologist for the Adrenal Insufficiency. He ran a 24 hr saliva test. You take it at home, so it is pretty easy. the lab Diagnos-Techs sends the kit to your house. You suck on this cotton thing for 3-5 min. at 7-8 AM, 11am-12pm, 4-5pm & 11-midnight. this tests how much cortisol your body is producing at cetain times of the day. The levels are suppose to be their highest in the morning, and get lower as the day goes on. this test also includes, DHEA levels, post-prandial insulin levels,Total Salivary SIgA and Gliadin Ab,SIga. My endo put me on the preg. because I didn't want to take the Cortef because of the Lyme disease. He is giving me 8 weeks to get levels up by using preg, Biotin, enzymatic supplements and eating differently-no noodles, rice, breads, coffee, soda-all the good stuff, LOL. You can also try taking Licorice extract for your adrenals. My lab results mention this on the suggested treatment page. I am hoping to bring my levels up and not have to take the Cortef. I would definately recommend this test. Why did you stop taking the preg? Do you feel like it helped you at all? I felt more energy at first, but now I have went back on my ABX's and feel crappy! Bad migraine today:mad: I have nosticed that I am not needing as much sleep though and that is good. I hope that you have a good day, :) Sincerely Sarah

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