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I found a reference to this board on the fibromyalgia board. I have a lot of symptoms that fall under the LD category, including some of the more peculiar ones, but I've never had a reaction to any of the antibiotics I've taken throughout my 29 years of life.

In the more recent years, I've taken penicillin (doesn't work; probably because I took amoxicillin and ampicillin a lot when I was younger), zithromax, and most recently erythromyacin (last November). I haven't needed to take them very often in my 20s -- thank goodness -- but not once have I had the awful reactions that lyme sufferers report.

Do LD sufferers always get herxes? If that's pretty much the case, then I'd like to avoid travelling 4 hours out of my way to spend $500 I don't have to get tested for a disease I probably don't have.

Thank you so much!


Alexis, the type of antibiotics that you mentioned are not the antibiotics that are commonly used to treat LD, erythro. is completely ineffective in the treatment of LD. Penicillians just cause the Lyme to hide in the cell walls or become cyst forms until you stop taking it. Plus usually stronger doses of antibiotics are prescribed and for longer periods of time. Alot of people don't herx until 2 -3 weeks after starting antibiotics. So you may not have been on the antibiotics long enough for them to be effective in LD. This most likely is the reason that you didn't recall any Herxing. With herx's everyone experienced them differently, sometimes they are mild, sometimes strong. You may only experience severe fatigue or muscle aches worse than normal, or you can have symptoms that you have never had before that you might chalk up to something else, such as a severe head ache that happens to come on the same time as a change in the weather, so you aren't sure which caused it. Everyone does not have the same results with the same antibiotics, the doctor will prescribe what he or she feels will help you the most by going through your symptom history and by the lab tests. They ususally will start you off on doxycycline, biaxin, or Ketek and then add a Anti-protazoal or anti-mylarial drug, such as Flagyl, Tinidazole or Plaquenil, these help to kill the lyme that has turned to cyst form. There really is not exact protocal for LD therapy. If you really feel that you could possibly have LD it is very important that you see an LLMD and get tested by Igenex labs, left untreated LD can be very dangerous to your health. Good Luck, Sarah
Hi A

I had my first herx only 5 days after starting the abx. It lasted about 4 days and then went away. Two weeks later he started me on Ketek also and I herxed within 12 hours after starting that. Since then (Nov 2006) I have had a constant sore throat along with various other symptoms. My doctor said that is how my body is reacting to the bacteria die off. I was sick for 2 years before being diagnosed. Everyone is different and all react differently to the different medications. I am now on Ceftin and Ketek and still have the sore throat. I guess I should be happy that I know the bugs are dying off. Good luck.

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