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[QUOTE=ticker;2934901]Hi Sarah. How long has her son had symptoms? I believe that Dr. Jones is the best Lyme pediatrician in the country. I would trust his advice if it were my child.

Which doctors believe that he does not have Lyme?

Remember that no Lyme test is completely reliable. Some people who have Lyme do not test positive. Band 41 is often the first to show and band 39 is Lyme specific.[/QUOTE]

Ticker,Yeah I know what you mean about the 39 and 41 bands and also about doc Jones. My son sees him every 3 months (loves him) and so does my friends daughter who has been seeing him for 4 years. Dr. Jones knows more about that stuff than most other LLMD's. I suggested that there may just not have been antibodies in that particular sample, and to retest. She said that the tests were redone by Quest labs and were all neg. then too. He has been having symptoms for several years, but he was diag. witth ADHD and some kild of Oppositional disorder he got so bad that they had to pull him out of school because of his behavior, he will be perfectly fine and then just go off suddenly (LYme Rage) he had been fine until he was 12. He had played sports with my son and now he doesn't do anything and was kicked out of school. when I met this kid he wa so sweet and respectful. He was tested last year by Elisa, which was negative, then Igenex and then Quest. I told her that knowing Dr. Jones I would trust his judgement over anyone else. I think she should retest through Igenex again since the significant bands were IND. Sometimes this disease is so frustrating because there are so many variances to it. As soon as my son was diag. I was so sure that this other boy had it too and it would explain so much he has gone through that isn't explainable and the last thing his mom needs in uncertainty after all she's gone through. These IND bands are something i just don't know about. Thanks for your help. Sarah :)

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