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dougrobin01 Glad that you decided to look at the Lyme Board. Have had LD for 9 years and never get the fevers, my Temp is always around 97.4-97.6. I do feel warm and think I might have a fever sometimes, but when I check it it is low. I do not get rashes. I had the rash once when I first got bit, but no other time. My son has had LD for 6 years and all he had was a red face for 3 days. The doc said it was fifth disease, but know we know it was from the LD. The only time my son gets a fever is when he gets real sick with bronchitis or strep throat, which he gets usually every winter in the winter. I think from my experience that the most common symptom (other than the fatigue and muscle aches) that I have found with LD patients is the constant neck pain. After the initial flu-like symptoms it's seems the neck pain comes on and never goes away. I have had the neck pain every day for 9 years, nothing takes it away. And mine and my sons cracks and creaks and pops, but MRI's show no damage. I have read this so many times about other LD patients. Do you have this problem. What about head aches and pressure? So many different people experience different symptoms, but all seem to have these spacific ones. Considering that you do recall actually getting a tick bite I wouldn't hesitate finding an LLMD and getting tested. Also LD can be transmitted sexually so if your spouse is experiencing the same symptoms it is possible that they have been infected also. We are here for you to help you as much as we can with any questions you have. God Bless, Sarah

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