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when we got back from vacation iwent to the i.d. doc again . she had been very relucktent to the iv rosephen and wanted to do her own test. being i had been in the animal biz. she said there could be other things that were missed . so we told her to go ahead but not to run another lyme test. she did anyway .really ticked me off. lol.anyway she was ready with her guns loaded for us this time. when she came in made small talk . then unloaded.she tested for the human parvo. it was pos. scub typhus neg.tularensis neg ebv poss. coccid neg hep c. neg hep. b neg then she gets to bartonella quintana igg reads <1:128 (m)titer bar. quin .img reads >11:20(n)titer cmv antibody -IGG 74(0) cmv antibody-igm (p) neg. bartonella henselae igg <1128(k) referance <1:128 titer barton. henselae igm <120(l) reference(<1:20) titer q fever phaseii ab <1:16 (@f) reference (<1:16) Qfever phase I ab igm<(1:16(@f) same reference same on fever igm interpration (AG) ricket-spotter <1:64(AC) ricketigm (1:64(AD) lastlyshe spouts lyme as if we would not notice the others as tick related Igg western blot 0(@d) referance (<5) wester igg 0(@d) refrence (<2) lyme interperataion (Y) anyway she said all is neg. and refused to run iv . she sent us on our way she didnt want to mess with us basiclly . then went to my ppc . he said if we didn't mind paying for it he could get it for us . i went to this id.only to try and get medcare to cover it . so bottom line i will have to pay for it but atleast i'llbe getting tit . i get pic put in on thurs and i gess i start rocephen then . i'm mixed emotions about it. thank for listening again . if anyone has any understanding of these test could you please interpret them for me. she said all was neg but i don't believe anything this lady says.!!!!! GOd's healing and best to you thanks deb

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