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Hi. I have done IV rocephin, and I had to pay for it too---I did it w/ my LLMD though. I have a really severe case, and no other med. have given me any improvement at all. I cant walk and have seizures, and had no mental clarity. No I can have minimal conversations...but nothing else has changed. I did IV for 7 months until I just got too sick and couldnt stop vomitting and shaking all day long...than I had to stop. The IV is so worth it though, it was the most improvement I have had w// any treatment---I had 5 doctors (infectious disease and other specialties) sign off on my treatment and it was still restricted to 28 days bc of the IDSA guidlines--than we payed $1500/week ($6000/month for the remaining 6 months)...its worth it! Also..they wont cover your picc line either bc if they dont think you need the medicine, they dont think you need the PICC line to get the you will have to pay for that too... its unfortunate but your health is worth any price. I also agree w/ getting copies of all the blood results--if you had two or three bands--lyme is likely.

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