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[QUOTE=ktp812;2945290]I was wondering if anyone can interpret my IgeneX results also. I keep having serious doubts if I actually have LD. I also have Adrenal Insufficiency. My test was done back in November.
31 IND
39 IND
41 +++

23-25 IND
39 IND
I was considered negative from both CDC and Igenex. I have been on antibiotics since November and definately herxed very badly. I don't know why but I just am not sure. I don't think the doctor would have me on all these abx's if I didn't have Lyme. Any ideas?

That is considered a negative western blot. However, if you re-tested 4-6 weeks after being on antibiotics, you are likely to see those IND's turn to + or even ++'s. The antibacterial effect stirs up the bacteria making it more likely to get a positive result after first starting. Herxheimers only occur w/ Lyme and Syphillis. Did your doctor say you herxed?? You most likely do have lyme then.

My results from Stonybrook Lab, Igenex and Medical Diagnostic were about the same---and I got positive PCR, Microscopy and I dont doubt my diagnosis.

My bands were:

18 +++
23 +
30 +
31 ++
34 +++
39 IND
41 +++
58 IND
66 ++
83/93 ++

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