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Hi Lizzie
I have been on the IV Rocephin for 5 months and my neurological and balance problems have resolved 90% Headaches are 75% better Balance when I close my eyes still bad I keep my balance only by seeing things visually I also take Plaquenil for swelling in my joints I have improved alot but still in pain but relieved with meds I don't know where I would be if I hadn't taken it I had a stroke before they put me on it the doctor called it a late CVA Couldn't even think where I was going when I had traveled to different familiar places shuffled my bills around but could'nt figure out what to do with them Real bad cognitive thinking problems Now much clearer Still have nerve and joint pain but this stuff takes time My friend's daughter was treated for 7 months and is now back to working It is worth a try I believe It is a little annoying to have to wait for meds to get delivered but is not painful and the nurses they send every week are very understanding and helpful You do get used to the Picc Line It takes about 3 weeks to settle in and my arm ached for about that long but I still believe it is well worth it to try Take a good refrigerated probiotic with it for your intestines because it is rough on them without it Good luck with your program Anything is better than suffering with the progress of Lyme

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