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Dear IML,

I need to run a few things by you and maybe you can help.

As you know I am taking the andrographis and have been for about 2 months. I think it's working because I definitely am herxing about every 4 weeks. I always wondered in the past about really herxing but am sure this is the real thing.

I am not as far along as you and definitely not feeling as good either. I am in kind of a quandry because lately I keep feeling as though I am having major urinary tract or bladder infections. I don't think it's the andrographis (?) but maybe the bacteria it is upsetting and sending through my system. It's as though whatever is in my bladder or urinary tract has to exit the minute it gets there. And unlike a bladder infection it isn't just little dribs and drabs it is a lot every time. Not fun. I am only taking 800 mg 2 times a day and know I will eventually need to up it but not sure if I will be able to with all the discomfort. Maybe I'd be better off with 600 mg 3 times a day instead. I'm just not sure if it is the larger dose or the accumulation that's doing this. I'm pretty tough when it comes to pain and so forth but this is pretty bad. I am not sure whether to stop for a few days and take some cipro to calm this down but I am sure after a while it will start up again when I resume the andrographis. Did you go through this at all? Maybe it doesn't affect a guy the same way as a woman.:D

I know that I should eventually take higher doses but wonder if even at this dose it will work. At 110 - 115 lbs maybe this is sufficient for me? All I know is with my mobility problem I can't be going to the bathroom 6 times a night.:eek: I/'m having to improvise.:rolleyes: I am drinking plenty of water and even tried taking cranberry capsules to help but it doesn't. I would love to just sit in the tub but can't because Iam not strong enough to get out and I really miss the detox baths. I am doing the veggie caps and dry skin brushing though. Any other suggestions?

By the way how long did ittake you after starting this regimen to at least see a glimmer of improvement? I know 2 months is't long but I need to have something to look forward to. Thanks for any help you can throw my way.

Ronnie has a fiftieth class reunion in Pennsylvania in October and I'm hoping I will be up to the drive from Texas. It's been a long time since we've been anywhere. He felt he robbed the cradle but I have been the "old" person in the marriage for a long time now with this disease.


PS By the way my sister sent me an article from a Massachusetts newspaper and the doctor and health department stated that the number of cases of lyme there jumped 47% from 2004 ro 2005. They must be a year behind in their published figures. I'm sure it has jumped even more and people have been told they have other problems. When will the CDC wake up!!!

Marsha, I have been following your saga and keeping you in my prayers. Just too tired to write. I think of all my old friends on here often and hope to be back soon with good news.

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