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Dear Itsmylife,
Thanks for the response and the explanation. As usual you have such a knack for comparison to other things so that it makes it easier to understand. You should try your hand at writing some kind of book. You are a natural.

I started taking cipro for a few days and my problem has diminished greatly. Still don't know if it was an infection but grateful for getting back on track. I will start back on the andrographis tomorrow and just hope the cipro substitute kept up the battle.

I forgot to mention to you that I agree with the comment you made in another thread about the twitching. It has really gotten crazy, especially at night. I have had some nights where I hardly slept at all because of my legs twitching. One other thing is that my right leg will get a "wave" of pins and needles type tingling off and on during the day and night. Not continual but just all of a sudden this feeling comes over me in a "wave" Don't know how else to describe it. I had a chiro tell me one time that change is good whether it feels good or bad. I'm not sure that's true but hope so. As I said before after taking the andrographis I have had the most reactions compared to anything else.

Do you still think I should up the andrographis but just take it slow? I guess when the urinary problem abates it might be time to increase. I'm not sure if weight plays a part in dosage. I just don't want to overtax my system and relapse.

As far as holding Ronnie back it really isn't a huge problem. He would like to travel but does get out and golf and has lunch with friends once in a while. We are both just concentrating on me getting to the point I can travel and then we'll enjoy ourselves. If there's any money left.:rolleyes:

I really can't get in or out of the tub even with help so I might at least step up the foot baths anyway. Denise really believed in those. When I can I will be in the tub until I am a prune. I have always been a bath person not shower type. I miss the long soaks. We even have agreed that our next house will have one of those tubs you walk into that has a whirlpool. It sounds so relaxing and safe.

Again, thanks for the help and I'll keep you posted.


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