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Hello everyone, I am new here and would love any input that can be offered.

Last summer I went to the doctor because I woke up with some numbness in my face, my dr ordered a cat scan because I had told them the only thing I recalled was bumping my head a few days prior.

The test came but normal so they referred me to a neurologist who did eeg, brain scans, mri, etc. Everything was ok so he decided to order blood work which came back positive for lyme.

The positive result came approx. 5 months after my first appt. At that time, the numbness was pretty much the entire right side of my face, my right arm would go numb, both my knees ached all the time, especially right one,

I was tired all the time, irritable, etc. I also felt like I could not remember anything. I have always been a bit of a ditz but I would drive past where I was going and have to do a turn around and sometime pass it again.

Well they put my on a 28 day course of antibiotics. They said that it was too soon to do another lyme test because chances were it would still show positive.

My knee pain went away and the numbness in my arm did also. Would occassionaly have the tingling and numbness in the face but at least it was not a 24/7 thing anymore so I let it go.

Well 2 months ago we started our move from Maryland to Florida. Prior to moving I would notice when I laid in the bed at night I could feel something weird going on in my head, then my head would shake (kind of rock side to side) a little.

Thought it was all in my head though so I never brought it up to anyone. Well during our move my husband asked me why I was shaking my head so much. Apparently it is something that everyone can see.

It went from happening at night to several times a day. I can feel it starting and the more I try to stop it, the more it does it, sometimes just for a few minutes, sometimes up to an hour.

I also noticed I have rib pain a lot on the right side, have a spot on my left should that always feels like it is on fire and being stuck with something but there is nothing there.

I have lost a lot of weight yet my appetite is the same. About 10 pound during the past 5 weeks and I am a small person to start with so it really makes me look sick. I just look like I am aging so much and I do not know what to do.

Are these all typical lyme symptoms or am I just loosing my mind. The head shaking I think is the weirdest feeling and then the tingling in my face starts shortly thereafter.

Would appreicate some help. Is lyme forever?

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