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I am sitting here feeling like I have been punched in the gut...OK here's the story:

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed clinically with Lyme, only a few days after the appearance of a bullseye rash and flu symptoms. I was given a three week course of oral antibiotics (doxocyclin sp?) and considered "cured" of Lyme.

Ever since I have had a range of symptoms which, I have always thought way in the back of my mind, might mean the Lyme was still in my system. I haven't ever approached my doctor though because I wanted to believe that I had in fact been cured. The symptoms up until this point have been:

TMJ disorder
Irritable Bowel / constipation
neck pain and stiffness
migraine headaches with classic aura
joint pain in ankle (which I fractured in 1997)
pain behind knee
sensitivity to noise
fuzzy brain
short term memory loss (really getting worse lately)
heavy, painful menstrual periods
PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)

So all this time I have thought that I had a lot of discreet symptoms and even though I always suspected a Lyme association, I put it out of my mind. Then, over the last few weeks, my hands and feet started to tingle, like they're "asleep" all the time. It goes up my forearm to my elbow in my right arm, but is less painful in my left. My feet are usually only tingly in the morning.

I went to my primary doctor this morning expecting her to say carpal tunnel and the first thing she said was LYME! So I told her my history and she is thinking either it's a recurrence or a new infection.

Other ideas she had were
Rhuemetoid arthritis, vitamin B12 deficiency, magnesium deficiency, MS, thyroid, and she hasn't completely ruled out carpal tunnel although she's wary on that one.

I am, needless to say, somewhat freaked out by the idea that my nagging suspicion could turn out to be true...and scared that even if it is the test will be negative...and also wanting to know, because a lot of the stuff on the internet seems to speak to late or chronic lyme in those who never had treatment whether having been treated with the antibiotics at the time means it could only be a new infection...

I know I have a ton of questions and I should probably wait to get my results but if anyone could answer some of my questions I would be very grateful.

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