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OK, a quick history. Two years ago in June I had lyme -- bulls eye rash with a subsequent positive Western blot. I fought for longer, stronger antibiotics, but couldn't get more than 200 mg doxy for 4 weeks. I've had symptoms on and off since then that I suspect are due to lyme, although my doctors think that's nuts and continue to look at each thing separately.

Last August (1 year post initial lyme diagnosis) and again in November, my Western blot was positive again (IgM positive, IgG negative). Of course, my HMO is using their lab, not a lab such as IgeneX. The lab they use does NOT list bands. They have recently said they suggest testing again since the last result "was not what would be expected" since I have no IgG's and a past infection.

Well, yesterday I had 2 ticks I had to pull out of my skin and 1 more crawling on me. Probably came from my own yard as I suspect that's where I got lyme in the first place. I am completely freaking out! (The recent post about testing ticks is mine).

My immediate question is, will I possibly do more harm than good if I treat myself with doxy? (I have a "legal" stash of the stuff they gave a family member for a benign condition that they didn't even need it for -- complete with refills -- another long story!). My concerns about this are: 1) if I actually have a lingering lyme infection from 2 years ago, will the relatively weak doxy do more harm than good and 2) are there any dangerous side effects (liver function or something) that I might not know about if not under a doctor's care?

The other question I should probably put in a separate post, but I'll include it here. Over 2 years ago, I completed an early menopause. In the last 6 months, I've had a few episodes of pelvic pain, which is unusual after having gone through menopause. This last time, it was accompanied by fever and abdominal swelling. Fever only lasted 1 day and might have been unrelated. Swelling is still there. Yesterday (just prior to my finding the 3 ticks on me), they did a pelvic ultrasound and found a very small cyst on my ovary. Can a lyme cyst show up like this? Or is it most likely completely unrelated? (I'm hoping it's unrelated).

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