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Hi all,

I need some advice. If anyone is willing to give some. My daughter saw Dr. Cichon about 2 weeks ago. He dx her with lyme and wanted her started on IV rocephin right away. The problem is her primary wont do it! Since the appointment 2 weeks ago my daughter has fainted needing ER. Severe jaw pain. Went to dentist come to find out she has impacted wisdon teeth and needs an oral surgeon. Been to her primary who "doesnt feel comfortable with the treatment plan" and "feels that 2 week oral antibiotics would clear her". She wanted her to see an infectious disease doc down here in our area but couldnt find one that would take her age (shes 16). She then found a pedi infectious disease doc who I ended up speaking to who basically told me she knows nothing about lyme that she was raised in Florida, schooled in Florida and did some internship in Texas. But she will see her. Oh and the primary wouldnt give my daughter ANYTHING for her pain. So dentist did thankfully.
So my mother in law has been looking around to see if she can find someone who knows lyme disease and she found one in her area but he doesnt take insurance. No problem she said she will pay-$575 an hour! Doesnt sound too right to me so now Im researching. Im wondering if I should go back up North get her treatment and come back down. I really dont want to go stay up there for long but I cant think of what else to do. Has anyone else had this happen also? Any advice? Sorry this is so long but Im at the end of my rope.
So sik,
Thank you for your prayers. We can surely use them.
Dr. C gave me a paper for IV rocephin protocol. I was to bring that to my daughters primary and have her start it. Well I did that and she basically said no. He didnt speak to her and I asked her to call him with any questions or concerns she has about it and she didnt. It is discouraging.
Is this your very first appointment with him? He is very nice and so is his staff. He does explain things to you and takes his time which I like. We didnt feel rushed at all and he even spoke to my daughter and not me(well me too but asked her about symptoms and pain stuff like that). I think you will like him. I really hope you dont have the problem we are with the primary. Let me know how you like him and how your appointment went.

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