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[QUOTE=SouthCarolina07;2989264]I know the CDC says I don't have Lyme... But what are your thoughts? How significant are these test reults? Thanks in advance...

BTW, I realize I totally butchered the spelling of "decipher". I swear I know how to spell, I just typed it without thinking. lol.


18kDa. -
22 -
**23-25 -
28 -
30 -
**31 -
**34 -
**39 IND
**41 +
45 -
58 -
66 +
73 -
**83-93 -


18kDa. -
22 -
**23-25 +
28 +
30 -
**31 ++++
**34 IND
**39 IND
**41 ++
45 -
58 +
66 -
73 -
**83-93 -[/QUOTE]

Don't worry about the spelling, I have Lyme type dyslexia, I know how to spell, but my right hand moves faster than my left so I type the letters backwards, Who had the Igenex tests run for you? As I see it you have Chronic Late-stage LD, I'm saying that just by looking at your Igenex IGG Western Blot, What led you to get tested for LD? How long have you had the symptoms of LD? The Igenex pos. is a real good indicator, and the CDC has set it's guidelines merely for reporting purposes, LLMD's don't go by the CDC protocal for daig. Lyme anyway. You have the Lyme specific bands very positve, and significant bands (double starred) pos. and IND too. Yours is actually the first one i have seen that has so many +'s. the IGM antibodies are the first to show up in early infection, then the IGG antibodies kick in and take over for the IGM, you can still have IGM antibodies active at the same time as IGG, but the amount of IGG antibodies that your body is creating and the lack of the IGM antibodies is a sure sign of late-stage LD. Have you had a CD57 run? What about co-infections? I don't know of an LLMD in SC, but I'm sure someone on the board does, Sarah:wave:

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