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[QUOTE=ktp812;3016979]Hi Sarah

I don't see the doctor for another 2 weeks. I looked up when I started on the cortef and it was the end of September 2006. My sore throat started on Nov 5-five days after starting the abx. Yeah, I keep good notes..I am not sure the cortef would have taken that long to give me a sore throat but I am going to ask the doctor. It does come and go. I mean I have had 3-4 days where it just goes away but I do mostly have it all the time. When I called the doctor after starting the abx and feeling so sick he asked the symptoms and he said it was Herx. I don't know but I guess I will believe him. It will be interesting to see how long you have the sore throat.
I am definately noticing a difference with the cortef. It took about 10 weeks but I am beginning to feel not quite as exhausted all the time. There are no drug interactions with the Rifampin and Cortef. I did want to mention that I started out taking 7.5 mg and he slowly raised it to 20mg. It has made a difference. How much are you taking? I have had no side effects at all. I have had 3 good days in a row. I worked yesterday and was pretty tired last night though. How are you doing other than the sore throat. I got my bill from Igenex so the doctor must be getting the results soon!
Kim, I will keep you informed on the sore throat, it may just be because I exhausted myself today. That does happen to me sometimes, tomorrow I probably won't be able to get out of bed. As for the dose, he prescribed 5 mg. 4 times a day, but I am not going to start out taking that much, it just seems too high. He also wants me to keep taking 20mg. of preg. and 5mg. of compounded DHEA 2 times a day. The DHEA scares me, that's why I asked for the compunded form instead of just over the counter. I don't want to look like Grizzly Adams. OH, I just dated myself, huh, LOL. What do you think of all of this, plus the Lyme treatment, it seems a bit much! He says all my levels are way to low, cotisol, insulin, DHEA, progesterone, estrogen. I hope this works, I'm glad to hear that you are feeling abetter on the cortef. I really didn't want to have to resort to steriods, but I guess I'm to the point where it is a necessity. Let me know what your results say! Sarah:wave:

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