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[QUOTE=hmlyn04;2997974]Hello, I just found this board and I was wondering if anyone could help. We live in CT and our backyard is complete woods. About four weeks ago we found a tick on my almost 7 year old daughter and I got it out with tweezers. I called the doctor but they said it should have been fine. I searched on line and found a picture and it was defnitely the female deer tick.

Anyway, now two weeks ago she had an unexplained fever all week which the doctor said was viral. Then last week she started complaining that her left knee and shin was hurting very badly. She was actually having trouble walking on them and since then she has been saying that her legs feel weak here and there but the knee and shin still hurt too. She also complained of her neck hurting and she has had swollen glands.

The doctor was concerned for lyme and she did blood work. Well she called me yesterday and said it was all negative. I explained that my daughter was still complaining and now started mentioning her feet hurt as well. Then she said "Well I don't have the whole lyme test back yet. I'll call the lab and see how long before we find out." I never heard back from her yesterday and now I'm just thoroughly confused.

Has anyone here had anything similiar? Does this even sound like lyme to anyone? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

My son was 8 when he first got the symptms that you are discribing. He has all that you mentioned your daughter having. it started with the "viral" infection that lasted 2 weeks, then the neck pain, then foot pain, groin pain, knee pain, he played many sports and doc's kept explaining it off as sports injuries. He finally got diag. with LD last Oct, 6 years after the initial Virus-that wasn't really a virus at all. You are lucky that you live in CT where there are LLMD's, we live in Texas where the doc's no nothing about LD. The tests that your doc has run on her are probably the basic Elisa, and possibly a western blot done by a "junk" lab, not a Lyme specific lab. Since you live in CT I would seriously advise you to call Dr. Charles Ray Jones office in New Haven, explain to Bonnie that your daughter was bitten 4 weeks ago and what her symptoms are and that you need her to be seen immediately so that she can be treated. They will get her in ASAP! My son is a patient of Dr. Jones, we fly to CT to see him, He is the only ped. lyme specialist in the US. He will have your daughter tested for Ld by Igenex Labs in Palo Alto, CA, for western blot and by Quest and MDL for co-infections and CD-57. Please take your daughter to see him, her life depends on it, don't fool around with reg. doc's who don't specialize in LD. There are thousands of us out there who were told that we didn't have LD and have become Chronic and very sick from the misdiag. I watched my son go from a gifted child and awesome athlete to being practically bedridden, and being put in special Ed, and homebound schooling. Don't let this happen to your daughter, and don't see anyone except Dr. Jones. You will Love this man, he is the most caring Doctor I have ever met. He does not bill ins. but will give you the papers to file yourself. It is not cheap to see him initially,$880.00, he spends 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours on the first visit, but I am begging you, pay the upfront fee he requires, don't let the cost stop you and let your little girl suffer with LD. It is a terrible, disabling disease, that no one should have to live with. She is in the initial stages and can have a full recovery, but left untreated she could suffer for the rest of her life. Money isn't worth watching your child suffer. Ct is an endemic state for Lyme, it is named after Lyme, Connecticut. I am so surprised that her doc. didn't immediately start her on ABX's to irradicate the disease before it gets Chronic. Good Luck, please keep intouch and let me know what Dr. Jones does, Sincerely, Sarah

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