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[QUOTE=Chantel2003;3001179]Well, my doctor called back and from my CD57 results, he says I have lyme. He wants me to start treatment soon. So, I go in on June 7th to talk to him and see what's best for me. I have to be careful with my liver enzymes. They are normal now though which is wonderful. Doctor F. is going to monitor them for me while I'm on the abx. I'm excited but very nervous at the same time. I need to know a few things so please just bare with me.

#1- What else should I be aware of besides the Herx reaction?

#2- Besides Acidophalous, what else can I take that helps?

#3- Do the toxic baths help and where can I get them?

#4- What combo of abx is best? I heard Flaxyl and Plaq are best. Is this true?

#4- Is there anything else that I am missing here that I can do?

Thanks to everyone that reads this and helps out.

Chantel, with the Herx's you may experience symptoms that you have never had before. My son and I started having these body jolts, they felt like they started in the core of our body and would make our entire body jump. we also started having the tingling, mine in my left hand, and him in his leg. He also had this burning feeling on his skin and thought he was being bitten by fire ants, but he wasn't. You are going to feel worse, but don't stop taking the ABX's keep in contact with DR. F if things get too bad. Besides the Acidoph. you should be taking Magnesium and vitamin C, not regular c though Ester-C with Bioflavanoids, make sure that the Bio's are half the mg of the C. As for the ABX's that really depends on the patient. Flagyl and plaq. are not used together, they are the cyst breaking drugs. either needs to be combined with a microlide( Biaxin, Zithromyacin) or a tetracycline (doxycycline, Minocycline) I take all 3 Biaxin, Plaq. and Mino. so does my son. I would stay away from the Penicillins(amox.) and the cephalosporins (Ceftin) I have read that they are Cell Wall Inhibitors, meaning they cause the spirochetes to hide in the cell walls which makes them harder to kill, then when you stop the ABX's they come back out into the bloodstream and multiply. That is why people will think that they are doing better and stop treatment, then the buggers come out and make them sick again. I am also taking WobenzymN which is a systemic Enzyme supplement, I really feel that it is helping. I have had more success since adding it to my ABX's than before. I have read that other people have had lessening of fatigue with it. But you need to discuss this with Dr. F. before takiing it. My doc thought it was a great sup. to use. Good Luck, Sarah:wave:

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