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Hi Ticker,

Thanks for the info. What can happen if it is lyme and I am on steroids??? I do feel better now so maybe that means it's not lyme?? I don't know. I am confused on the lab, and am wondering if this makes sense to pursue this. I have the lab form and here is what it sais:

Lyme Ab/western blot reflex
Lyme IgG/IgM AB < 0.91 Index 0-0.90
negative <0.91
equivocal 0.91-1.09
positive >1.09

Lyme disease Ab, Quant, IgM <0.91 (same normals as above)

it doesn't say anything about bands or anything else. Does this look completely negative?? I was a little concerned because of my symptoms and history, but am torn as to weather it would make sense to pursue it. The lab that did this is *******.

Thanks for any help.

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