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I recently tested positive for bands 18, 30, 31, 34, 41, 45, 58, and 66 on the IgM WB, while the IgG WB was largely negative, except for IND at 41. From everything I've read, IgM response is first, followed by IgG in chronic Lyme. I have been experiencing symptoms for over a decade, and my doctor is skeptical about my having chronic Lyme. He thinks that I either have been recently exposed to Lyme, or all the positive bands are results of false positives - cross reactivity with non-Lyme antigens. Does anyone else here with chronic Lyme have only IgM positive WB? Any input is appreciated - I'm confused. By the way, I've never been vaccinated for Lyme.
Hi velvetw. Please do not worry so much about your results. No Lyme test i completely reliable. Some people who have Lyme do not test positive. You have a positive test and symptoms, you need to be treated.

Your treatment should be guided by the type of symptoms you have, how you are responding to the meds, and if you have co-infections and not necessarily how long you have been infected.

Were you tested for all the co-infections? What treatment are you taking?
So far I'm not on tx, and haven't been tested for coinfections. When my doctor (a resident at a family practice) suggested testing for EBV, ANA, and syphillis to rule out a false positive, I made a suggestion: rather than running all those tests (which would be expensive), why not find out which bands are cross-reactive with which antigens? For instance, if only the 28 KDa band is cross-reactive with say, EBV, but I tested negative for the 28 KDa band, then we could rule out EBV cross-reactivity, right? Upon my suggestion he referred me to an Infectious Diseases doc. I have a feeling I'm just going to get the run around because I'm don't officially have Lyme by CDC standards.
Hi velvetw. When Lyme disease is possible, the most important thing you can do is see a Lyme knowledgeable doctor. Not doing so is like seeing a podiatrist for a cardiac problem.

If you need a doctor recommendation, let us know.
Hi velvetw. The closest Lyme doctor to WV that I know of is Dr. Chandra Swami in Hermitage, PA. He comes highly recommended. I have heard that he has had Lyme himself.
I work in Charleston WV (well not working right now) but hope to be soon. I live in Hurricane. I go to a doctor in Hurricane. MccAllum is his name. He is the only person close that I found that knew much at all. I do have some friends in Charleston who are doctors and they have treated Lyme. However, they are not taking new patients, so you would already have to be a patient.

Have you been turned into the Health Department? I was only positive for bands 41, 39 and 23 on IGM but I have all the symptoms and never even thought about Lyme until neurologist told me I had it. (so I did not make it up)

The best ID doc in Charleston does not think we have Lyme in WV, even though I told him I probably got it in another state he told me "I did not look like I had Lyme".

If I can help in anyway, let me know.
No, I don't think I've been reported to the Health Dept. Maybe only those meeting CDC criteria for Lyme are reported? Is MccAllum a infectious disease doc? What kind of treatment did he put you on?

From the CDC prevalance maps, Lyme only rarely occurs in WV. Of course that doesn't mean anything though if you've traveled. I think I got it in Santa Cruz, CA, where I spent several weeks camping. I'm positive for the 30 kda band, which I've read might be specific to a strain in CA.
I had an appointment but cancelled after getting my appointment in Hurricane. So much closer.

He originally was a phychiatrist who turned to Alernative medicine. He got started in Lyme because his friends daughter got Lyme. She got it in Kanawha State Forest. (She had the ring and was treated with Doxy) but she continuted to deteriorate from a healthy active 18 year old to almost bedridden. She was on iv for one year and is fine now.

He has me on two antibiotics, vitamin B shots and I take flexeril.

We may decide to start iv tomorrow I am not sure I might want to go 1 more month for orals since I have started feeling better last 3 or 4 days.
Just wanted to add that I also repeatedly have positive IgM and negative IgG test results -- 2 years after my initial lyme diagnosis. (And I definitely had lyme at that point 2 years ago -- bulls eye rash, fever, etc.)

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