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Two years ago my initial lyme test was negative, but I was diagnosed with lyme on the basis of my symptoms and the bulls eye rash.

A year later, they did the lyme test again -- for the doc, it was out of curiosity to see if it would now be a positive; for me, I was having some of the same symptoms I had when initially diagnosed, and I thought it might be from lyme (but of course, they didn't think that).

The western blot IgG was negative, but the IgM was positive. The docs thought that was strange that I didn't have any IgG -- so, they said I must have been bitten again. They gave me their standard 3 weeks 200 mg doxy regime, and then repeated the test.

Lo and behold, same results! (no surprise to me) They had the lab repeat the test on the same blood...same result.

I guess my biggest question is, why would I NOT have any IgG so long after an initial infection, BUT a positive IgM? I know some people get a completely negative test result, but I don't think I've heard of this kind of test result before? Also, I've had a positive ANA for many many years -- which is now negative for the first time. Is this a good sign, or bad?

There is a possibility that I did actually get bitten again as we have an ongoing problem in our yard with ticks -- although I am highly vigilant about checking myself for ticks and basically avoid my yard completely! But, shouldn't I have some IgG ?
Hi Laura. How long were you treated initially? Do you remember what antibiotic and dose you were given? You may not have been treated long enough and/or aggressively enough initially. Were you tested for the co-infecitons Babesiosis, both types of Ehrlichiosis (HME & HGE), Bartonella, and Mycoplasma?

Many people do not test positive by CDC standards, which require several bands to show. Lyme doctors look at which bands are present, some are specific for Lyme. Do you have a copy of your results?

It is possible that you have been re-infected. Do you treat your yard? This can help a lot.
Well, just thought I'd give a quick update. My GP repeated the lyme test (Quest labs), and it came back the same way -- IgM positive, IgG negative (no values or bands indicated), but he reported it to me as "to be expected if you've had lyme before, it shows you have immunity to lyme." That didn't make much sense, so I asked my rheumi, who is the one who initially told me it was odd for the IgM to be positive without IgG at this point. She referred me to Infectious Disease.

I took the referral, but have almost no hope that it will do much good, as I've read here about the attitude of most ID docs, and the doc I'm seeing is in the same department as the ID doc who was extremely arrogant to me on the phone 2 years ago during my initial lyme diagnosis. I was asking for longer, stronger antibiotics than the 200 mg Doxy for 3 weeks. He said, flippantly, some studies show 1 SHOT OF ANTIBIOTICS is enough! And, sometimes MS patients think they have lyme and don't get treatment for MS, etc. etc. Ugh. Well, at least I'm not seeing him, but I think he is the chair of the department. I wouldn't even go except I am having symptoms no one can figure out so far (pelvic pain and abdominal bloating/swelling) that are not normal for me. I haven't asked the docs yet if they might be from lyme, but I'm pretty sure they'd just laugh at me. (Don't mind the laughing, but it won't help if they just dismiss my concerns!) So, I let them do their tests for now...and at least rule out things like ovarian cancer. When I get to the ID doc, I think I'll just start with why my lyme test results are the way they are, then eventually ask about my symptoms.

Yes, Ticker, it is possible that I've been reinfected, but shouldn't I still have IgG from the old infection? And, yes, we've treated our yard. We've even had the health department come out. The guy was surprised when they did a tick drag and found ticks -- he was just doing the drag to please me, but didn't really expect to find any. (Kinda like dealing with the docs, huh?) He said they were lone star ticks, and they haven't had any luck getting the county to test them for erhlic (sp?), even though it is well-known that is what they carry. Anyway, he said to just spray with permethrin. Which we've done several times on our own and the ticks are still there. I'm still trying to find a company that will come out and spray for ticks -- lots of mosquito, spider, ant spraying, but none so far that say they do ticks! Meanwhile, I'm terrified to let me 4yo step off the brick walkway in our yard -- not a healthy way to live for a 4yo -- "No! Don't run around your yard!!!)"

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