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Someone please help me. This is the story. Aorund March this year, I felt like a very small pimple like lump in my ear, but it was not visible, I could only know it was there because it was uncomfortable and when I touched it I could feel something there and it hurts. Two days later my ear cartilage turn very red and it looked infected. It did not affect the ear lobe. I went to the emergency room and I was diagnosed with ear Cellulitis. I was on three different types of anitibiotics until my primary physhician gave me Cipro, only then the infection started to improve. It took around 1 month or so to get rid of it and you can still tell my ear is pinky. Almost when my first ear was cleared from infection, I got the same thing on my left ear. This time it was like a small bruised area and when I touched it it immediately turned red. Again it did not affect the ear lobe. Around the same time, my left eye turned very red ( bright red) to the point where I could not open it and when I got to the opthalmologist he said it was no a clear cut case of Uveitis but it looked like it. He gacve me Pred Forte 1% for a month and my eye got better. The infection was easier to clear as well with the Cipro. Then around 4 days ago, my left ear had a small lump again ( at least that is how it looked to me ) and started to get bruised and my ear now is red again and very painful ( no ear lobe affected ). My rigth eye got red as well and the opthalmologist gave me Pred Forte for three weeks. My eyes fo get better with Pred Forte. My Primary phisicina was concerned and orderes autoninmune exams , Lupus , Rheumatoid factor I think ( to test pain in joints and muscled which I do not have but he wanted to make sure ) and also tested HIV to rule it out and all came back negative. I do not have all the symptoms I have read about Lyme disease but I know that my muscles sometiems twitch, I used to feel tired all the time before but my doctor game HIgh B vitamins and made it better, I also went out for some drinks and dranka lot less that what I can and the next day I had the worse hang over of my life ( I have read Lyme can cause sensitibility to alcohol as well ). I have read many posts here and I do not know if I have Lyme Disease or not. From what I gather though, I need to be tested by a doctor that will send my lab tests to Iginex correct ? Also I live in FL, I went to a walk in clinic for anitbiotics and the doctor did not think it was lyme disease but he said sometimes the unlikely can be the likely. If I where to have this , How do I know if the disease is in early stage or not ? and can this be cured ? I have also read about Polychondritis and I do not I coudl have that either. I have an appt with a Rheumatologists this coming week and I found a doctor close to where I live that appears to treat Lyme Disease ( I got this from the LD Association website [url][/url] . Can someone please give me some feedback ? I have been somewhat depressed of not knowing what I have.

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