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Re: Sarah....
Jun 10, 2007
[QUOTE=sarah92202;3032111]Kim, glad that you were able to go see your son's, but sorry you couldn't go out with them. It will get better. You said the doc's tested for sjorgren's. It can cause sore throat, and definately the dry eyes, but many other things can cause those symptoms too. You're not having problems with dry mouth too are you. I know the rheumi's will give you a few crackers and tell you to chew them up and swallow without any water, and if you don't produce enough saliva to complete this task they will look into sjorgren's. Yes, I have been through that too. I found out it was the Elavil that was causing my dry mouth, but with a positive ANA they looked into everything multiple times, except LYME! I hope you have a good time, try not to exhaust yourself too much. Sarah[/QUOTE]


I had a positive ANA last year when all of this started. I had elevated liver enzymes at the time so they thought I had auto immune hepatitis which is not the same as the normal hepatitis which I was tested for and it came back negative. Boy was that scary! I didn't have any of the symptoms though which told me there was something else going on.

Have you ever re-tested your ANA? I did twice already and it has been negative both times. Weird huh? I've read though that healthy people can have a positive ANA and have nothing wrong with them so it's not really reliable.


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