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Hi Barbara,

I also went ahead and ordered an IGENIX test kit today. I see my rheumatologist on June 27th so my hope is to convince him to draw the labs and sign the order. This will probably be an out of pocket expense for me. As much as I don't want to have Lymes disease---I am almost welcoming an answer to my poor mysterious health problems. I feel so much better on Prednisone, but like I said, It is making me severly depressed--I am happy one minute, crying the next, mad or angry the next, and then depressed! I am down to 7.5 MGS tomorrow--hoping the decrease will help.


Do you think that the Western blot result will be suffiecient??? should I check for IGG AND IGM also? Also, the co-infection antibodies are $125 versus co-infection PCR at $197 they said the entire co-infection panel is $630 but I don't recall if the western blot is included (an aditional $190 plus $95 each for IGM and IGG)
In your experience, what test should I have done?? Should I just start off with Western blot with or without IGG and IGM???? PLEASE HELP!! I feel like I am going to have to really push this with my Dr. I want to be prepared and have an idea of what tests would benefit me most. If you want my symptoms again, I can list them again.. Thank you so much for your knowledge and help.
Thanks for the kind words Barbara...I know you understand :) If this next drop in the pred dose doesn't lift my spirits somewhat, I will call the dr. for something else to help. I don't want my husband to divorce me over steroids! Thanks for the additional info on the prices...My 2 year old was quite rambunctious during the igenix phone call. I was confused about the cost of the IGG and IGM being included or not. The co-infections antibodies are $125 and the PCR DNA TEST for co-infections is $197. Unfortunately, I am testing for chronic lymes for 10-15 years ago and need the co-infections also. Are you a nurse also???
Warm hugs back,

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