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Not sure where or how to start. May 14th,07 3 weeks ago. Came down with flu like symptoms, aches all over, felt like a sun burn on my back, chills, joints aches no one could touch me, low grade fever. Went to doctor that day took blood, urine, did a flu test all negative. She said just a virus it takes time. Next week at doctors, chills are gone but joint pain really bad and chronic fatigue, elbows, knees, hands ankles really hurt, can't hold a cup keep dropping things more blood for lupus and arthritis all negative. Doctors says from the virus I have tendonopathay and I need physical therapy. I have no energy for that! I asked for a Lyme disease test, she said you don't have any red rash and you have not had a tick bite. I said I want the test any way. (I was reading that you might not see the tick or get a rash. I am not one to be bothered by bugs. 72 hours before the 14th I was on a field trip with daughters class to the bog.) Thinking I could have gotten a tick and not know it. Yesterday flu like symptom's back chill's and pain all over. Called doctor the nurse relayed the message that there was nothing she could do until the test came back. They say it could take 2 weeks for results. Help! I have read that if it is Lyme 1. might not show up in blood this soon. and 2 I should be on antibiotics to stop this from going further. Any Help would be great, too much pain to write anymore!!! Dawn43:

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