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Welcome to the board, sorry you have been ill.

Many in the medical community still have a lot to learn about diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne disease and use ineffective or outdated protocols for testing and treatment.

You are correct, more than half of people with Lyme disease NEVER have a rash and many do not recall a tick bite. Yes it does take time for antibodies to show up in a test however, be aware: There is NO test which can absolutely rule out Lyme disease. The most common test, the ELISA (titer), which is given first misses over 60% of cases. The more reliable test, the Western Blot, is still not completely accurate. So in other words it is possible to have a negative test and still have Lyme disease.

The most accurate (though by no means infalliable) testing available is the Western Blot done through Igenex labs in Palo Alto California. In addition to Lyme disease, ticks can carry several co-infections such as Babesiosis, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Erlichosis, Master's Disease, and others. Many people with Lyme have one or more co-infections. Not all of these are susceptible to the same medications, and it is important to be tested and treated for any co-infections.

If you suspect Lyme your best bet is to be evaluated by a Lyme literate physician. Keep in mind that just because someone is an infectious disease specialist or calls themselves a "Lyme specialist" does NOT mean that they are Lyme literate. The best way to find a competent doctor is through other patients who have had positive experiences and received effective treatment. Check if there is a Lyme support group in your area (they are throughout the US) and contact them, they can be excellent sources of information, support, and referrals.

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