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My daughter has had some Lyme symptoms (fatigue, problems with comprehension, repeated throat and sinus infections, swollen glands, rashes, mood swings). Her pedetrician just sent me her Immunosciences results for Lyme Panel A. The Ignex Lyme tests have not come in yet so I don't know what her Western blot results are.

Her IgM is positive for unrelated spirochete, burgdorferi lysate, LFA antigen, variable major protein, borrelia sensu strict, garini decorin BP, Babesia Peptide, Bartonella Peptide and equivocal for outer surface protein-A, immunodominant protein. Her IGg for afzeli decorin BP and burgdorferi lysate were equivocal.

Her pedetrician doesn't have a clue how to read the results. Until I can get her to a LLD, I have some questions:

1. There is something in the labs notes about the reaction to unrelated spirochetes having to be negative. What is the significance of it being positive? Does this mean she has something other than Lyme?

2. What does it mean that almost all the IgM tests were positive, but the IGg tests were mainly negative?

3. Without the Western blot, is it a good bet she has tick borne illnesses?
My daughter is 11. We just got her Western Blot from Igenx. IGM Single positive on bands 39 and 66. IGG double positive on band 30, single positive bands 41 and 66, indeterminate band 31. Negative titers for Babesia, Bartonella and Echrilosis.

I took her to a Lyme literate MD. He said she exhibits some tick disease symptoms (fatigue, moodiness, irratibility, sudden problems in school both socially and academically, swollen glands, chronic infections, rashes, mild droop in smile) and he is somewhat concerned about the neurological symptoms although it isn't one of the stronger cases he has seen. He recommends starting immediate treatment for Lyme and co-infections with Zitthromax and Mepron based mainly on the Immunosciences tests (which I don't understand).

Her pedetrician says that the tests are negative, her symptoms can be otherwise explained by things like starting a new harder school, hormone changes due to puberty and anemia and she shouldn't be treated.

What do I do?

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