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Hi Weavor.

I went for that bio-energetic Dr. E recommended. I also thought it was hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo.

It is based on science so it's not like cold fusion or voodoo. The human body has electric fields and currents. When a body is ill, those electrical charges change and the nurse will test different drugs against your electrical signals to see which one will put you back on track.

I think it was $100 or $200. I was so sick at the time that I didn't care about money. I was willing to try anything to get better.

Can I ask why you're giving up on the Rocephin? I am hoping to stay on it for at least 9 months. Right now my insurance is paying for it (I almost fel off my chair when I heard they approved it!!).

When they decide that I'm 'cured' and they won't pay anymore, I'll just pay cash. The generic form is about $350 a month according to my local pharmacy.

I've tried many antibiotics. They work different for different people. It depends on whether you have co-infections, what strain of Bb bacteria infected you, how your body reacts to the drugs, etc.

I've tried Biaxin, Omnicef, Ceftin, Doxycycline, Ketek, Levaquin, Bicillin, Malarone, and now Rocephin. There may be a few others I forgot about.

For me personally, it takes about 3-4 months to see if an antibiotic will have any effect. For example, when I started Levaquin, I saw no difference at all for 3 months - nothing good, nothing bad.

Then, right at the 3 month mark, I Herx'ed. I broke out in rashes all over - one bulls-eye rash on my left leg and my original itchy red rash on my right leg. I had headaches that were killers, fevers, fatigue, crying jags, etc. I continued to Herx regularly just about every 4 weeks, rashes coming and going and all sorts of funky things happening.

That Herx cycle was proof that the drug was killing the bacteria.

Borrelia is a spirochete and spirochetes replicate about every 3-4 weeks. Some antibiotics kill during cell reproduction, and when sprirochetes die, thier cell membranes split open and toxins (I think they're called bacterial lipoprotiens but I could be wrong) spill out into your body - causing all sorts of havoc. The word "Herx" comes from the name of the M.D. who first observed the phenomenon.

Some people Herx, others don't. I happen to be one that did.

I loved Levaquin - my brain fog went away almost completely and I felt so much better!

I can't recall why Dr. E stopped me from taking it - but I remember how bad I got when I did.

Now I am on IV Rocephin and oral Biaxin. I keep forgetting to ask her to put me back on the Levaquin. :)

Try to hang in there. Maybe you can try the Rocephin a bit longer?

Dr. E is great. You're in good hands. She is also a good listener, so if you question the bio-energetic test, she will listen to your concerns.

Peace and health to you,

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