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Re: Test results
Jun 8, 2007
Stef, Hope your day is going OK! Since you feel that you have had the Lyme before you had your children I would definately get them tested. Especially your son with Autism. It was Dr. Jones who explained all the info about children with Austism to me when I took my son to see him last Oct. I wanted to make sure that I had not passed the Lyme onto my son. But that was ruled out, by my son's history. He did not have any health or learning problems until he was 8, before that he was in the gifted program and played in nurmorous select sports. I know that I contracted Lyme the first time when in Wa ST. in 1989, but I ws put on ABX's for a month, I never felt completely well after that, but didn't know anything about Lyme, now I suspect that possibly the ABX's helped the Lyme, but I am now being tested for WA-1 Babesia, which is specific to the west coast. My LLMD tested for all co-infections, but because I live in Texas, he only tested for the standard co-infections and Lonstari. I think that I have had the Wa-1 Babesia since I was first infected. then I was again infected in Aug. 1997 in Texas. If it is possible that you were infected in California you need to have the West Coast co-infection Panel done also. Dr. Jones consulted with my sons pedi. He is a Wonderful doctor who will do whatever he can to help other doc's to get a proper diag. for children. My sons pedi had no idea how to read the Igenex bands and when they arrived he immediately called Dr. Jones to interpret. then they discussed a treatment plan, until I could get my son into see Dr. Jones, which to our great surprise only ended up being 5 days. It is expensive to do all of this, but it is so very important for your health and for your childrens. I have 1000's of dollars worth of credit card debt from all the testing and traveling, but I know what is wrong with myself and my son now and am working on getting us better. Credit Card companies take monthly payments, and other than Igenex the other labs used, Quest, MDL, and L**C*** bill your ins. and then they will take payments. I had $14,000 worth of out of pocket medical from Oct-Dec. That didn't include traveling from Texas to CT. I am paying it off little by little every month. We go without and there are months that I have to pay the monthly medical payments with the credit cards and the bills just keep on coming, but we are alive and working towards a recovery. No amount of money is worth your health or your life, or your kids for that matter. Good luck with everything, and keep us informed of what is going on. also, you should be taking some type of cyst-form drug with the amox. Such as Flagyl, Plaquenil, tinidazole. The Amox. alone is not able to kill off the lyme that has went into cyst-form, normally LLMD's prescribe both types of meds to work together. Ask him about this the next time you see him. Sincerely, Sarah

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