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I posted on the general health board and a couple people told me to post here. TIA for any help anyone can give me. Here's my story:

Hello.... I'm a 28 year old female, smoker (about 5 cigs a day) and non-drinker for the most part. Since I delivered my baby (August 2006) I have been experiencing a myriad of health problems. I had a normal pregnancy (BP never above 120/80) but I did have a C-section because he was wedged under my rib cage. Been to my PCP numerous times (she's pretty much useless), the ER 3 times since then and seen 3 cardiologists, my OB/GYN, and a neurologist.

I will list my symptoms below:

*abdominal pain in ruq and luq when pressed on
*soft stool and is "sweet smelling" (sorry if TMI)
*chest pains in center of chest (stabbing)
*chest pressure in upper portion of chest
*swelling on left side of body in the morning (mostly arm, fingers and toes)
*left side facial numbness
*numbness of the lips
*left arm pain
*jaw pain (not as frequent)
*neck pain
*back and shoulder pain on the right side
*at times overall not feeling well

Tests than have run since August 2006:

TONS of bloodwork (the one time they drew 15 tubes!)
3 Holter monitors (last one this week)
5 EKG's (last one May 2007)
4 Chest x-rays (last one Feb. 2007)
2 Chest CT's (last one Feb. 2007)
1 Abdominal CT (Sept. 2006)
1 Abdominal ultrasound (Oct. 2006)
3 echos (last one this week)
1 stress echo (Jan. 2007)
1 MRI of the brain (May 2007)

ALL of the tests have come back normal. No one seems to know what to do with me. My one cardio suggested I see a gastro dr. Does anyone think this could be digestive? I'm at a loss anymore. Can anyone help me or is anyone experiencing similar symptoms? Can I rule out my heart at this point? UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!


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