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I am Just Not Sure
Jun 12, 2007
About a year and 1/2 ago I was working at a Landscaping/plant nursery. I was responsible for caring for the plants and maintaining their health for landscaping jobs. After a day cleaning all the vegetables and herbs section I had a red bump on my face. The next morning it was a large red area extremely hot to the touch. Since it did not look like a brown recluse bite and it was a Sat I waited till Monday to go to the doctor. By that time is was black and blue and sorta raised. The middle became a flesh color with a circle of the bruise like still on the outside. It eventually faded and the skin peeled off like a sunburn. I don't have a scar. I was put on Cipro for 10 days.

I was on cipro for 2 weeks a few months after the bite for swollen lymph nodes in my back and neck

Not long after I started getting flu like symptoms that no matter what I did would always come back. I'd get migraines and constant headaches. I would get them from my BCP but they increased dramatically after the bite. I have had constant neck and back sore muscles pain. No matter what I take or how long I massage them they will not go away. Now for the past week and half I have had red itchy bumps. Some in patches and others just dots. I just got off 10 days of bactrim for again swollen lymph nodes. The ones in my neck and back are still swollen. For a few weeks I've been having trouble breathing but this morning it was like I had fluid in my lungs. NO matter how much sleep I get or how many vitamins and I take I an still tired, achy, hurting.

I had a CBC, hormones and complete thyroid tests and all my doctor don't know why I am still having problems with my nodes, fatigue,flu like, headaches and lung problem.

I looked up pictures of my rash and while it seems that it could be the same as lyme could one be bitten while awake on the face and not know it by a tick. I thought they stuck to you till they were full of blood then dropped off. I was by myself. It was just me and the plants in the field being hot and sweaty

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